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Quinoa and Chicken Salad

March 28, 2013 / by / 1 Comment

The other day at work I saw someone eating what looked like barley / oats. I’m always curious when it comes to food so I asked what this type of ‘barley’ was. “Quinoa, it’s a super food, it’ s really healthy” was the answer. Quinoa! Of course! I had seen a video of one of my favorite directors (David Lynch) where he was cooking quinoa and raving about how good it was, but I never gave it a second thought. [youtube] Now I was intrigued. My colleague described quinoa as “Like couscous, but nuttier”. So quinoa is what’s on the menu for today, amongst other delicious ingredients of course. For this week’s journal I’m bringing you a super awesome superfood recipe! I’m ashamed to say that this is the first time I have tried quinoa, perhaps because it was never a common food in my mediterranean upbringing. There are limitless ingredients that you can add to quinoa. I wanted mine to be healthy, and low in carbs, here’s what I came up with: Quinoa & Chicken salad (serves 4) Ingredients: A Bag of fresh spinach Chickpeas (add as desired) Can of corn 4 chicken breasts Mushrooms (add as desired) […]

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Figolli Easter traditional sweets

March 26, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

Today we are sharing a well-known traditional Maltese sweet, perhaps a new discovery for our followers from oversees. One of my fondest memories when it comes to Easter is “helping” my grandma Bice making the Easter Figolli. I will never forget the table covered in flour amongst other ingredients. I used to love that mess and the smell of almonds and dough baking in the oven. Heaven:) Later she used to place on the table an impressive number of these almond cakes in a variety of forms and shapes (most of the time symbolic shapes) and cover them in chocolate or royal icing. Obviously being a chocoholic  I used to have mine in chocolate:) As a finishing touch she would decorate the Figolli with tiny edible silver balls and an Easter egg in the middle. This year I have tried to go back in time by making the Figolli with my mum and my sister in law Maria. I couldn’t resist trying a piece with a cup of coffee and it tastes delicious, maybe not the same as my grandma`s but it’s close enough. This time we experimented a little bit with the decoration, but we have tried to keep it […]

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My Work at Milkshake; the Exhibition

March 22, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

Two weeks ago there was the opening of the long awaited exhibition, MILKSHAKE, in which several artists exhibited works that discussed topics such as the queer body, gender and sexuality. It is a very sensitive subject which is very easily one of the biggest taboos in Malta, partly due to the conservative catholic influence on the island. However, it was for this very reason that there was a need to have this publicly discussed. I am very glad to have taken part in this show, and for the first time I exhibited serigraphy (silk screen) prints. It is a set of 8 different prints, which all are tied to past experiences relating to my own sexuality. They are one of the most intimate body of work I have ever made, both because of content, and also because of the images. The development of this body of work was a long one, about ten months to be exact. However it was this process which led me to a much better understanding of the subject, thus enabling me to produce this work. It was important for me that the work would not reflect the subject from the outside in, but rather from […]

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Project Deconstruction: Digital Illustration

March 19, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

You know besides being bloggers for Design Sorbet, we are first and foremost creatives. Ruth is a drawing ninja, Eleonora is a media guru, Sarah has kickin screen printing skills, and I do animations and digital illustrations. So project deconstruction is an excuse for us to show you our work, but because we’re a design blog and because we want you to be able to take something with you from our blog, and do your own thing, we want to show you the process & development behind each project. Today I will guide you through the process of digitally colouring and adding light to one of my favourite illustrations that was created for a friend of mine. But before I want to give you a bit of background info on the subjects that are central to my drawings. A digital designer that I admire once told me ‘When you get good at something, let it go and do something else’. He wasn’t referring to dropping drawing and become a construction worker of course, but to challenge oneself as an artist. When I started drawing I was never fond of children and animals, I found them harder to draw than anything […]

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Home-made Protein Bars

March 14, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

Protein bars are ideal for a hectic and busy lifestyle and they can be eaten as a healthy snack before or after exercise (approx 1 and a half hour before). However some of the ready to buy bars are not always very tasteful (artificial taste) and  they are quite pricey.  They are candy in disguise;  full of sugars and preservatives and artificial colouring.  Some of these bars contain low quality ingredients such as soy protein isolate, high fructose corn syrup/solids (55% made in laboratory) and trans-fats. Learn how to make healthy delicious protein bars by following our  recipe which I borrowed from my friend and  professional fitness instructor Alice Galea.  I have tried them myself and I promise you that they taste super delicious; like eating  cake or  pudding but healthier These bars contain fibers, protein, natural sugars and other beneficial vitamins. Ingredients: 8 apples (chopped with skin) 8 pears (chopped with skin) 3 mashed bananas 1 litre egg whites (you can use whole eggs instead but you will be adding much more calories , use 6-8 eggs) 2 teaspoons vanilla essence 2 teaspoons almond essence 15 scoops (3 full mugs) vanilla whey protein powder 200g to 400g  nuts ( any kind) 200g  rolled oats (Quaker oats) 3 teaspoons Cinnamon Optional Ingredients:  WARNING:) the more ingredients you add […]

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BODY DIY: Benefits of the lavender plant

March 09, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

“Lavender is native to the mountainous zones of the Mediterranean where it grows in sunny, stony habitats. Today, it flourishes throughout southern Europe, Australia, and the United States. The oil in lavender’s small, blue violet flowers gives the herb its fragrant scent. The flowers are arranged in spirals of 6 – 10 blossoms, forming interrupted spikes above the foliage. The name lavender comes from the Latin root lavare, which means “to wash.” Lavender may have earned this name because it was frequently used in baths to help purify the body and spirit. However, this herb has also been used as a remedy for a range of ailments from insomnia and anxiety to depression and fatigue. Research has confirmed that lavender produces slight calming, soothing, and sedative effects when its scent is inhaled.” I have been using lavender for the past fifteen years now; initially I used to burn its pure essential oil in a burner (diluted with water).  The relaxing and fresh smell helped to relax me and make me sleep easier. Unfortunately I have been using this ritual for so long that my sense of smell became immune to these benefits and it did not affect me anymore; now I still use lavender in a variety of different ways. I […]

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4 Inspirational Books to get you going

March 06, 2013 / by / 2 Comments

For our journal this week we’re bringing you three books and a magazine that are sure to get you up and going, whether it is to create your own business, start your own blog or live a happier life. These reads have been tried and tested by yours truly, and one of them was actually what pushed us to start this blog! Enjoy and feel free to add more to the list in the comments! Links: Crush it  The Happiness Project  and the author’s blog  The Simple Things  Blog Inc

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Something Special featuring “Impress When You Dress”

March 04, 2013 / by / 1 Comment

Following our last article ‘My Eight Legged Love‘ which might have caused some of you to feel slightly jittery, for today’s post we have something a bit more on the girly-side.  Our ‘Something Special’ features one or more of our (or your) personal favourite possessions. We give you the details and the story! For today’s something special we have chosen one of our followers who is both a fashion enthusiast and an illustrator, Gemma from Impress when you dress Objects: A few of my favourite fashion headbands from my collection… What’s so special about them? The reason I’ve chosen to do a post on my headband collection is because I feel my slight obsession with headbands has become a part of my identity. I started my obsession when I first decided to have my hair cut into a pixie style last year. I felt more insecure after having my hair cut so short, not because I didn’t like the style, but with my school uniform I felt I was unable to look as feminine with a shirt and tie and wanted to maintain my girly style. This led me to browsing through a number of shops for a range of […]

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My Eight Legged Love

March 02, 2013 / by / 1 Comment

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my dog and how much I pamper her. What most people don’t know is that sometimes twice the legs is just as lovable, and hence my undying love for tarantulas. Really and truly I have a deep fascination with a lot of arthropods, including phasmids as well. Phasmids are a family of insects which can grow quite large. More commonly they are called stick insects. However arachnids are my favourites, not only because they can have amazing colouration and interesting habits, but also because one can learn so much from them. I get a lot of weird looks about my tarantulas, but I believe it is only because there are a lot of misconceptions about the creatures. For example, while ALL tarantulas are poisonous, they are not dangerous to humans and a bite is not strong enough to kill anyone. In fact, no one has ever died from a tarantula bite. This does not mean that you won’t have to handle a couple of hours of pain though. The fact that they are not deadly, unlike how many people perceive them, is probably one of the main reasons why they became […]



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