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Blog Me, Draw Me! Caroline Paris

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‘Blog Me, Draw Me!’ is a weekly post that features a sketch of an inspiring fashion / lifestyle blogger. (Read more about the purpose and inspiration for Blog Me, Draw Me! in my first post). Today’s sketch is actually my first of a local (Maltese) blogger, and it is the beautiful Caroline Paris from I follow Caroline’s blog daily, and what I love about her posts is that they bring an instant smile to your face, probably because of her own infectious smile! What I also admire about Caroline is that, besides being a freelance fashion & personal stylist, she is also a computer scientist! This is quite an unusual combination, but I give her extra personal recognition because I work in graphic design and media myself, and have a great appreciation for computer science. Caroline has won Best Fashion Stylish Award from the 2013 Malta Fashion Award, and you can see why. Her style is colourful, fun, quirky and she adds her own personal touch to every outfit.  Caroline’s Website Caroline’s Facebook Page

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Discover the Sistine Chapel of the Egyptian World. The mystical tomb of the Queen Nefertari in Egypt.

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Last Saturday I was watching TV and came across an Italian documentary (Ulisse) that was showing the tomb of queen Nefertari in Egypt. Nefertari  (1295–1255 B.C.) was one of the five wives of Ramesses II; his favourite and the most beautiful of them all. Her tomb is also considered to be the most spectacular in all of Egypt. To be honest this tomb is a new discovery to me and I was just stunned by the artistic and mysterious beauty of this antique colourful site. Due to its artistic prestige, the program presenter suitably called this place “La Capella Sistina dell`Antico Egitto” (The Sistine Chapel of Ancient Egypt). The tomb is completely covered and decorated with stunning scenes and symbols (including extracts from the Book of Dead) that have been very well preserved throughout the years. The tomb is one of the many tombs in The Valley of the Queens which is located on the West Bank at Luxor (ancient Thebes). Poems written by Ramessess II about his dead wife were found on some of the walls of Nefertari burial chamber.  Such as “My love is unique no one can rival her, for she is the most beautiful woman alive. Just by […]


Printing Mood

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This Sunday I felt like looking through some work which I had piling up on one of my desks. I found two silk screen prints which I particularly like. I once had in mind of making a whole series of different prints. I actually did the designs, however I never got around exposing them and printing them. Hopefully I will print them someday. The other print was not part of any series, but rather a collection of thoughts I had at that point in time.        

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Blog Me, Draw Me! Emily Schuman

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Welcome back to ‘Blog Me, Draw Me!’ A weekly post that will feature a sketch of an inspiring fashion / lifestyle blogger. (Read more about the purpose and inspiration for Blog Me, Draw Me! in my first post). Today I have a sketch of the beautiful Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere one of our favourite lifestyle bloggers. From, cooking, outfits and DIY, it seems Emily can do no wrong. Emily is a cat lover from Los Angeles who, apart from being a brilliant lifestyle blogger, has also published a national bestseller: “Cupcakes and Cashmere: A guide for defining your style, reinventing your space and entertaining with ease.” What I love about Emily’s blog is it’s freshness and summery feel, where she makes everything look easy and effortless.    


Quick Props

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Last week I had to help out with the making of some props for a school play. As always, I was pressed for time however these did not take too long. They were a quick solution to an otherwise empty stage.  


Whisky in the City

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We rarely put pictures of ourselves on our blog, I guess we’ still getting used to blogging for the sake of blogging, we feel we have to share some kind of advice and make our posts worthy, however some pictures are worth sharing, so here we go! Yesterday Ruth and myself went on a little city trip to Valletta (Malta) with the whisky bar ‘StrEat Whisky & Bistro’ in mind. Ruth had never been and I had been there once or twice, and I remember having the Suntory Royal (A Japanese whisky). Now I’m not a whisky expert, but I loved this one in particular, in fact I had to go back to it yesterday (and this coming from someone who loves to experiment with both drinks / food ). I’m still getting used to the taste of whisky, so when I find one that I like, I stick with it for a while. Ruth went for a 15-year old Cutty Sark (Scottish Whisky) and this also tasted great, albeit much stronger than the Suntory. Before going to StrEat, we hopped over to Tico-Tico a newly renovated bar / restaurant and had a glass of red. I love the outside seating […]


7 books for a better well-being

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For my journal this week I’m bringing you seven different books that will aid you to maintain a colourful healthy routine. These books are of an inspiration to me and have helped me work more on my well-being and beauty regime. They also serve as a boost to keep a positive attitude towards life in general and to make me feel good in my own skin. Hope that you will find these books useful and feel free to add more to the list in the comments! 1. Grow Your Own Drugs: The Top 100 Plants to Grow or Get to Treat Arthritis, Migraines, Coughs and More! by James Wong   2. Bodyworks: Restoring Well-being with Home-made Lotions, Potions and Balms (Murdoch Books) 3. Spirit of the Home: How to Make Your Home a Sanctuary by Jane Alexander 4. The Funky Fresh Juice by Jason Vale  5. The Miracle of Olive Oil by Dr Penny Stanway 6. French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure by Mireille Guiliano 7. Green Tea by Nadine Taylor


Life Drawing Classes

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Last week we finally got a model to do life drawing classes at the college where I teach, so I joined the students to do some good old figure drawing! The model did a whole hour in the same pose and then a couple of short poses. Unfortunately I am impatient when it comes to drawing from life, so my longest sketch took me not more than 20 minutes. I hadn’t done life drawing in a while so it took a few minutes to get my hand-eye coordination in order, but after a while I was fine! I had to miss this week’s workshop because I was busy messing about with this blog’s layout, but will surely try and make it this wednesday. Since I have started Blog Me, Draw Me! I find it’s only appropriate to do some female figure drawings. Day two:  

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Blog Me, Draw Me!

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Hello and Welcome to: ‘Blog Me, Draw Me!” A weekly post that will feature a sketch of an inspiring fashion / lifestyle blogger. I am so excited to be doing this project, here’s why… Even though I do all sorts of illustration (I draw comics, commercial graphics, illustrations for animation etc…), I find that I’m mostly happy doing fashion illustration, and it’s the one that comes most natural to me. This is not because I am obsessed with fashion or fashion illustration per se, but it’s a combination of my love for fashion, and my obsession with drawing the female figure in a few simple lines. Previously, on Design Sorbet, I fed this addiction by giving out snippets of fashion advice, through illustrations based on runway trends. Although this was enjoyable, I found that simply studying runway fashion and suggesting high-street stuff to mimic designer style, felt a bit too superficial. So I resorted to fashion illustration books for some inspiration. In “Fashion Drawing in Vogue” I was struck by David Hockney’s preface, where he wonders why photography has taken the place of fashion illustration in fashion magazines and commercials. He states that although photography can be very creative, it is always limited to […]

My mummy Miriam

Mother`s Day Special

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Welcome to our new station! We have moved from over to We hope you enjoy your stay, we’re in for awesome ride! Today we’ve decided to dedicate our post to all mothers. We also would like to share with you some personal details about our upbringing and how 3 different mums left their input and influences on our careers, education and creative life. To some extent, we have them to thank (or blame) for our skills, obsessions, habits and rituals, and we wouldn’t want it any other way!   Moira Zahra: My mum has always been there for me, pushing me to do the best I can ever since I was little, sending me to private lessons, piano lessons, gymnastics, swimming lessons, athletics… but there was always time for fun. This is why I grew up to be a multi-tasker, a hard worker, but you’ll rarely find me stressed out   Sarah Maria Scicluna: My mum always encouraged me to explore my creative side, and I have her to thank for my love of art and all that is creative. Her DIY approach to everything taught me to try and do things myself, to always look for another method of creation, and to always appreciate the […]



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