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Chanel vintage finds

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Ever since moving from to each one of us authors has found an area in the art, design & diy world that is close to her heart. Whilst Moira is re-discovering fashion illustration through Blog Me, Draw Me! and Sarah is coming up with fresh prints, my area is that of memoirs. Items of sentimental value have always intrigued me not just through their function and decor, but also artistically. Therefore, my main task at Design Sorbet is currently to introduce an object that doesn’t simply interest me aesthetically, but that also carries a history or a story along with it, perhaps it being a beautiful vintage item or a more contemporary object that might have a playful/funny story behind it. These items can be inheritances, tools or objects which were produced by my family or the family of other authors, and other special artefacts that we bring from different places that we travel to. I sincerely hope that you will appreciate, enjoy and perhaps learn something from our colourful memoirs. From tweed jackets, brooches and silk scarves, Coco Chanel`s world has always been a fascination for most women and fashion enthusiasts in general, mostly due to the brand’s timeless design and also […]


Sketching Away

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Lately free time has become a luxury which unfortunately I cannot afford or have any access to. I’m not really complaining, as this is due to the huge amount of projects I have undertaken which is generally a good thing. Although this did lead to a decrease in printed works, I am still making a lot of sketches which will eventually be turned into multi coloured silk screen prints. This is how all my works start. In their initial stages they are just little doodles on my sketch book, and eventually I scan them and further work on them digitally. I will be explaining more about my working methods in upcoming posts.  

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Blog Me, Draw Me! Sheri Lee

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From LA, to Germany and Australia, Blog Me, Draw Me! today takes me to South Africa! Sheri Lee is today’s Blog Me, Draw Me! blogger from I would say she’s probably the blogger with the wildest style I’ve drawn so far. Her outfits have surely changed towards the years (while searching for the perfect picture to use for my sketch, I was surprised at how long Sheri has been blogging for!) By the time she was 9, Sheri was making little websites with html and Javascript and had  around 5 different websites with Angelfire, Geocities and the usual 90′s / early 00′s free personal website creators (I had my own Geocities page with glittery backgrounds and silly gifs all over the place.. will they make a come back like 90′s fashion just did? Doubt it..) Sheri’s style is quite unique, it can be quite goth / punk and a little pop at the same time. She’s quite hard to miss, especially with her bleach blonde hair with a bright blue dip dye. So yes, going through her pictures was a lot of fun and it was hard to pick one. I ended up choosing one from her latest posts because I […]


Delicious Smoothie

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I’m really not a Summer person as I can’t stand the heat (or the sun) usually. This is what makes me want to explore new ways, especially delicious ones, of cooling down. Recently I have this new fad of constantly making smoothies. It is a natural, healthy drink which not only refreshing, but also a delicious treat. I keep trying different fruits in order to have new flavours, amongst which were strawberries, raspberries and mixed forest fruits. The fact that it contains so much fruit is the reason why I don’t feel guilty for having 2 or 3 glasses a day. Ingredients 1 cup fruit of your choice 1 1/2 cup milk 3 tablespoons sugar (or honey) 5 cubes ice   Method Put everything in a blender, blend. Pour into a glass and enjoy


A perfect place to escape from daily life

July 08, 2013 / by / 1 Comment

It was as if my brain had stopped working for 4 days; I stopped worrying about work and I completely forgot about my daily routine, no planning and thinking about the day. For my Birthday I had a wonderful experience at this place called Serragembetta, an Agritourism in Castellana Province of Bari, Italy (Check out more about my culinary experience at Serragembetta here, here and here). It was like going back in time given the well decorated old rooms, authentic food, organic agriculture and the refreshing Mediterranean atmosphere. A quiet place where one can appreciate nature, learn to make home-made pasta or gnocchi di patata:), relaxing by the pool, reading a book, maybe reflecting on a new creative project, or visiting its surroundings. On our first night we were greeted by the owner Domenico. Although it was very late, we were welcomed in a cosy kitchen with a dish of warm baked pasta, a glass of red wine and some fresh cherries. His friendly nature made us feel at home right away. The welcome was a taste of what was to come; we started our days with an amazing breakfast and after some sightseeing tours, we returned to Serragambetta for dinner. We […]

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Blog Me, Draw Me!

July 01, 2013 / by / 2 Comments

This week’s Blog Me, Draw Me was drawn in the early hours of the morning. I’m sure I’m not the only one to get ideas at 5/6 AM and have to get up and put them on paper right away (oh yeah, and that’s the only time I can afford to draw something for myself ). So I got up and started looking for cool fashion / lifestyle bloggers to draw. Few minutes later I came across Rebecca Aiezza’s blog “Atypical Look“. At first glance, her blog looks like your common wordpress fashion-blog. But upon closer inspection, one realises Rebecca’s awesome sense of style. Rebecca’s style is very laid back but she always has just the right amount of accessories / colour / texture in her outfits. Although it’s a very overused word in the fashion industry, I would definitely call Rebecca’s style effortless. Rebecca’s a student in Melbourne, Australia who blogs “about fashion because no one wants to hear me talk on and on about it”. This is actually one of my favourite from Rebecca’s outfits: However I chose another outfit to draw for my post, because I just really REALLY liked the pose, and thought it would make for […]



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