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Blog Me, Draw Me Special Edition

August 30, 2013 / by / 2 Comments

I’m calling today’s Blog Me, Draw Me a special edition because I am not drawing the actual blogger, but rather one of the models that was photographed by this particular blogger. I’m not usually a fan of ‘Fine Living Network’ because most of the time they’re showing stuff I can’t afford, but as I was flipping through the channels, I came across a documentary that stole my heart, and well, it made my day a bit brighter. Of course, anything that makes someone’s day brighter, is worth sharing, so here we go!  Ari Seth Cohen has a street fashion blog based in New York, but here’s the thing, he only photographs older ladies, and by older ladies I mean old ladies! 70s, 80s, 90s even. What a great concept huh? (Photographs from: So I was wondering, what makes us youngsters get so excited when we see fashionable older ladies? Why do they look so much more genuine than say a 20 year old?  I think it’s just because there’s more where that style came from, there’s a history behind it. I’m pretty sure that these ladies didn’t just log online and bought whatever was ‘just in’ at the moment (do […]


Stories from the Sea

August 21, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

In my latest post “Chanel Vintage finds”, I wrote that I will be bringing across at Design Sorbet items that carry sentimental values, such as today’s historical item which carries an interesting family story. Having inherited this item from my grandmother, who was very close to me, it is undoubtedly a very important part of my family history. The item in question is a ring. I remember my grandma wearing 2 rings; one was her wedding band, and another ring given to her by her mother. The ring which until this very day carries sentimental value, is the ring given to my grandmother by Uncle John – a sailor who didn’t get to see the end of the War. During the Second World War, my grandma`s brother John, a 17 year old youngster brimming with youthful energy, left Malta to serve on the aircraft carrier, H.M.S Glorious. Apparently, he was not officially listed on the crew list since he was a minor, and no one knows how he managed to convince the captain to allow him on-board. On the 8th June 1940, in cold Norwegian waters, H.M.S glorious endured its last battle after it was sunk when engaged with German battleships. The […]

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Blog Me, Draw Me!

August 10, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

I have just recently started following Nina Urbańska’s blog “My life is my style” and she’s got that easy going dress sense and lifestyle that makes me forget the stifling summer heat and just enjoy the last few weeks of my holidays out in the sun, and into the sea. You want to know why? Well, here are some recent pictures from her Facebook page “My Life is My Style” If you’ve read my last post you’d probably know that one of my top priorities in life is to make, find, and eat great food.. so when Nina throws such pictures (top and bottom) on her Facebook page, she’s got me! To me, if a blogger can influence and inspire their readers, then she’s doing her job right. Great pictures make for great blogging, and Nina’s blog has got it. But besides the food, Nina has a vast selection of beautiful outfits on her blog, which is why I was more than happy to select a picture and sketch it for “Blog Me, Draw Me!” So I found the perfect picture from one of Nina’s Blog Posts and below are my 2 interpretations: My Life is My Style Blog My Life is My […]

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August 03, 2013 / by / 2 Comments

I had been thinking of going to Paris for a very long time, but sadly due to studying abroad (and studying online with a foreign University) most of my trips in the past couple of years have been to the UK.  This year I rebelled. I did not go to my Masters graduation in London and instead booked  2 flights to Paris, found a nice hotel and that’s that. I did visit Paris when I was 12, but back then I was more interested in spending 3 days in Disneyland. This time round, Disneyland was one of the least exciting things on my to-do list. My priority when going on holiday is food. Yes I love sight seeing, shopping, events and museums, but I love them because I know that afterwards I’ll be getting local food. Let me tell you, thank God I did a lot of walking in Paris, because if I hadn’t done so, I would have come back to Malta with an extra 10 kilos or so.. but before I start yapping on about food, I’m going to show you my Paris pictures in the form of an informal guide.. so if you’re planning on visiting Paris […]



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