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The restaurant check list, Malta

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In some of my previous posts I have mentioned that I am quite the foodie. This doesn’t mean that I’m an excellent cook, nor that I’m some kind of food expert. Basically I love food, I love to cook, I love to try different dishes, and I eat out quite a bit (although I’m trying to cut down on this to boost my home cooking.) I’m always up for trying out new places to eat in Malta.. I do sometimes get bored of the same places, so before going out to eat, you’ll find me on Tripadvisor carefully reading the comments.. or stalking restaurants on their Facebook page or website, whilst carefully examining their menus. I will recommend my favourite restaurants in Malta in my next post, but today I present to you my ‘restaurant check list’. 1. First impression & Interior This depends on what sort of restaurant / bar / pub I’m at, but I usually look for places that aren’t too noisy, have good lighting and general interior design (new restaurants that make you feel like you’re sitting in a garage under harsh white light are becoming quite popular unfortunately) and places that are just generally nice […]


A unique goldsmith in Florence

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Today I am going back in time to a few years ago, when I was still an art student in Florence. In my first week there, I didn’t know anyone yet, and I had some extra time to spare before my course started. During this week, I spent most of my time walking through the narrow streets that surround the magnificent Duomo. I enjoyed discovering things by chance whilst wondering around these streets. At the time, I couldn’t believe that I was finally pursuing my childhood dream; I was living in the city of Art! Aside from the museums, churches and bridges, Florence is full of unique shops and markets. Most of these small gems sell beautiful goods which are still inspired by the well-known historical and cultural period that made Florence such an important city – The Renaissance. One of my favourites was a jewelry shop called ‘Fiori del tempo’ owned by a talented jeweler, Francesco Deidda. His creations are inspired by the Renaissance and the Art Deco periods but are also fused with more contemporary influences. The prices vary, depending on the material and stones. In general however,  the items are quite affordable. ‘Fiori del tempo’ is found in Via del […]



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