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The Blush & Panic Raid, December 2013

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The Blush & Panic Raid for December 2013, aka “An illustrated day of dress” was great fun. We got to experience how it feels to run a boutique on a busy day, and whilst it can get extremely busy, the drinks & treats kept us going strong! For this event, we drew 5 illustrations based on the current stock of ‘Blush & Panic’ boutique. I was amazed at how different each illustration looked, depending of course, on the style of each particular artist. Getting inspired: Before we did the illustrations, we went to Blush & Panic and took a couple of pictures for reference, we then picked a couple of clothes for a fun photo shoot that would then promote the event!   The photo shoot: The photo shoot took place at Adolf’s & Samantha’s place.. the awesome poster & mustard walls were perfect for a group photo We took several shots, but ended up selecting one of the silliest.. we felt that this one represented us the most! Our illustrations that are available to buy as prints from Blush & Panic in Valletta: From top to bottom: Mark Scicluna, Moira Zahra, Ruth Ancilleri (1 of 2 illustrations) & Sarah […]


Blush & Panic Interview

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Our second ‘Blog Me, Draw Me” project will involve seasonal illustrations based on the beautiful stock of  the boutique ‘Blush & Panic’. This project will be called ‘The Blush & Panic Raid’ & we have already created our first awesome illustrations that will be showcased at Blush & Panic in Valletta from the 13th of December. Before we get to the Blush & Panic Raid however, we thought we should get the know the story behind this shop & its owners, what’s in the name? How did it come to be? Read on to find out When Samantha first thought of opening a vintage boutique in Valletta, Malta, she was sure it was going to be shared between her sister and herself, however things didn’t go as planned when Roxanne (Samantha’s sister) moved to London to study abroad. So where did the name ‘Blush & Panic’ come from? “Basically after a lot of unsuccessful tries and cringe worthy ideas, and just like magic …Blush & Panic came to mind…. My sister tends to blush a little more than necessary and I seem to always have something to panic about…. and by panic I mean PANIC!” Samantha admits that the name […]


Patches Fair 2013

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Our second event was the awesome ‘Patches Fair’ last Sunday. ‘Patches’ is a hand-made seasonal market that happens in Malta. Have to say that this is one of the best things to ever happen to local DIY / craft / handmade / general art lovers. There are so many talented creators showcasing and selling everything from tailored clothes, handmade jewelry, hand poured candles, quirky toys, beautiful ceramics and much much more. Our stand was of course, based on illustrated material. For Patches, we created 3 greeting ‘cookie’ cards. Each card comes with a cookie (variations: Lavender, lemon & chocolate) and a pull-out recipe for that particular cookie. Each of us baked a different cookie and we worked together to create these cards. Ruth drew the dot-rendered cookies, I rendered them in Photoshop and helped Sarah with the Layout. Sarah finalised the layout and did her own additions to it, created patterns and motifs in the background, and of course, carefully silk screen printed all three cards and their recipes! We are very happy that the cards have been a success and we have also been approached to sell them in a gift shop. We also had Ruth’s Mum’s ever popular […]



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