Design sorbet is a concoction of drawings, prints and diy, lovingly put together by Ruth, Moira & Sarah.


Ruth is an illustrator/fine artist and works full time as a fine art lecturer and coordinator within an art and design department. Drawing is her preferred creative way of communication, so it plays an essential part in most of her fine art projects and artistic experiences. In addition to her interest in the art world, Ruth is fascinated with beautiful objects, especially if they come with a story. This is one of the main reasons why she loves travelling (especially to historical cities in Europe) to visit museums, galleries and shops in search of interesting objects. Ruth is also a bit of health freak. She is frequently looking up and experimenting with home grown herbs, essential oils and natural remedies to get the best out of her Mediterranean lifestyle.


Moira is a digital artist & designer working with anything from illustrations & drawing to animation & graphic design. She works full time as a graphic design & interactive media lecturer and in the rest of her time she’s freelancing, writing & co-drawing a weekly comic (aspaceboydream.com) and of course creating material for designsorbet.com. Besides being active in the multimedia and arts sector, she’s also a foodie, a fashion enthusiast, and a google calendar addict, which she follows religiously.


Sarah is a fine artist whose work ranges from sculpture and installation to printing and drawing. She is in love with traditional printing techniques, and she spends most of her time printing in silk screen. The rest of the time Sarah is usually thinking about potential material for Design Sorbet. Sarah works as a sign writer where she has witnessed firsthand the amalgation of art with industrialization. She also has a very strong obsession with stick insects and tarantulas.


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