Event Preparation – Making the Journals and the Candles

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In preparation for the Birgufest 2013 we wanted to prepare something special. We had already prepared lots of material, which is direct material from the blog. However we wanted something else, something which is not just a simple by-product from our blog aticles, but something which will help us commemorate this event. After several brain storming sessions of what would be the ideal main product for the stand, we came up with the idea of journals. Not just your average journal you find at the stationer’s, but gorgeous hand illustrated, hand stitched journals loving made by us. Upon this decision, a courageous one in fact as it was the most time consuming of all the options, we started designing until we had an illustration each to put on a journal. The process involved a lot of preparation which can easily be overlooked, such as selecting the papers for the inside and outside. We wanted to make sure that the papers are thick enough so they can hold even a drawing well, but not too thick in order to allow for stitching. After the printing was done, we were counting papers and stacking them in the order they are to be […]


Birgufest 2013

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Last weekend was an extremely busy one, for a very good reason. We had been preparing for the Birgufest 2013, drawing, making material, preparing candles and other things. It was the first time that we were participating in an event representing the blog, making this event a new mile stone for us. We had plenty of people coming to see the stand, and also a variety of hand made things for sale ranging from hand stitched and hand illustrated journals, homemade jam, screen printed artist books and prints, and a variety of illustrated post cards. We had a variety of candles which really lit up the stand; these were purposely made for the event and really caught the attention of passers by. Setting up was really fun, as we all enjoyed playing around with things and doing our best to present them in a creative manner. We brought several things which aided in the presentation, making the stand look like a little creative hub. I have never been to Birgufest before, but this was a great experience and I hope it won’t be my last. We also hope that there will be plenty of similar events for our blog in […]

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Making Scented Candles

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Candle wax is a fascinating substance. I used to spend hours playing with a lit candle, dipping my finger into the hot wax, feeling it cool and then peel it off. On the assumption that candle wax would be a fun and interesting material to manipulate, I had done a couple of candles way back when I was much younger. Lately my interest in candles has been rekindled (pun intended), mostly because of this blog. For the purpose of this post I decided to make a scented candle. The process was as follows. Things needed: a clean empty jar, some candles, essential oil (your preferred scent), a toothpick, a piece of string. Method Tie a piece of string to a toothpick and let it rest on top of the jar. Make sure that it touches the bottom from the other side. Fill a pot with water and heat. Place the candle wax inside another pot, and place inside the pot of water. Heat until all candle wax has melted. Add essential oil and stir. Pour the melted wax into the jar. Once the wax had set and started to cool, I sprinkled some beads on it. Allow to cool entirely, […]



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