The Blush & Panic Raid, December 2013

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The Blush & Panic Raid for December 2013, aka “An illustrated day of dress” was great fun. We got to experience how it feels to run a boutique on a busy day, and whilst it can get extremely busy, the drinks & treats kept us going strong! For this event, we drew 5 illustrations based on the current stock of ‘Blush & Panic’ boutique. I was amazed at how different each illustration looked, depending of course, on the style of each particular artist. Getting inspired: Before we did the illustrations, we went to Blush & Panic and took a couple of pictures for reference, we then picked a couple of clothes for a fun photo shoot that would then promote the event!   The photo shoot: The photo shoot took place at Adolf’s & Samantha’s place.. the awesome poster & mustard walls were perfect for a group photo We took several shots, but ended up selecting one of the silliest.. we felt that this one represented us the most! Our illustrations that are available to buy as prints from Blush & Panic in Valletta: From top to bottom: Mark Scicluna, Moira Zahra, Ruth Ancilleri (1 of 2 illustrations) & Sarah […]


Blush & Panic Interview

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Our second ‘Blog Me, Draw Me” project will involve seasonal illustrations based on the beautiful stock of  the boutique ‘Blush & Panic’. This project will be called ‘The Blush & Panic Raid’ & we have already created our first awesome illustrations that will be showcased at Blush & Panic in Valletta from the 13th of December. Before we get to the Blush & Panic Raid however, we thought we should get the know the story behind this shop & its owners, what’s in the name? How did it come to be? Read on to find out When Samantha first thought of opening a vintage boutique in Valletta, Malta, she was sure it was going to be shared between her sister and herself, however things didn’t go as planned when Roxanne (Samantha’s sister) moved to London to study abroad. So where did the name ‘Blush & Panic’ come from? “Basically after a lot of unsuccessful tries and cringe worthy ideas, and just like magic …Blush & Panic came to mind…. My sister tends to blush a little more than necessary and I seem to always have something to panic about…. and by panic I mean PANIC!” Samantha admits that the name […]

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Blog Me, Draw Me Special Edition

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I’m calling today’s Blog Me, Draw Me a special edition because I am not drawing the actual blogger, but rather one of the models that was photographed by this particular blogger. I’m not usually a fan of ‘Fine Living Network’ because most of the time they’re showing stuff I can’t afford, but as I was flipping through the channels, I came across a documentary that stole my heart, and well, it made my day a bit brighter. Of course, anything that makes someone’s day brighter, is worth sharing, so here we go!  Ari Seth Cohen has a street fashion blog based in New York, but here’s the thing, he only photographs older ladies, and by older ladies I mean old ladies! 70s, 80s, 90s even. What a great concept huh? (Photographs from: So I was wondering, what makes us youngsters get so excited when we see fashionable older ladies? Why do they look so much more genuine than say a 20 year old?  I think it’s just because there’s more where that style came from, there’s a history behind it. I’m pretty sure that these ladies didn’t just log online and bought whatever was ‘just in’ at the moment (do […]

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Blog Me, Draw Me!

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I have just recently started following Nina Urbańska’s blog “My life is my style” and she’s got that easy going dress sense and lifestyle that makes me forget the stifling summer heat and just enjoy the last few weeks of my holidays out in the sun, and into the sea. You want to know why? Well, here are some recent pictures from her Facebook page “My Life is My Style” If you’ve read my last post you’d probably know that one of my top priorities in life is to make, find, and eat great food.. so when Nina throws such pictures (top and bottom) on her Facebook page, she’s got me! To me, if a blogger can influence and inspire their readers, then she’s doing her job right. Great pictures make for great blogging, and Nina’s blog has got it. But besides the food, Nina has a vast selection of beautiful outfits on her blog, which is why I was more than happy to select a picture and sketch it for “Blog Me, Draw Me!” So I found the perfect picture from one of Nina’s Blog Posts and below are my 2 interpretations: My Life is My Style Blog My Life is My […]

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Blog Me, Draw Me! Sheri Lee

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From LA, to Germany and Australia, Blog Me, Draw Me! today takes me to South Africa! Sheri Lee is today’s Blog Me, Draw Me! blogger from I would say she’s probably the blogger with the wildest style I’ve drawn so far. Her outfits have surely changed towards the years (while searching for the perfect picture to use for my sketch, I was surprised at how long Sheri has been blogging for!) By the time she was 9, Sheri was making little websites with html and Javascript and had  around 5 different websites with Angelfire, Geocities and the usual 90′s / early 00′s free personal website creators (I had my own Geocities page with glittery backgrounds and silly gifs all over the place.. will they make a come back like 90′s fashion just did? Doubt it..) Sheri’s style is quite unique, it can be quite goth / punk and a little pop at the same time. She’s quite hard to miss, especially with her bleach blonde hair with a bright blue dip dye. So yes, going through her pictures was a lot of fun and it was hard to pick one. I ended up choosing one from her latest posts because I […]

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Blog Me, Draw Me!

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This week’s Blog Me, Draw Me was drawn in the early hours of the morning. I’m sure I’m not the only one to get ideas at 5/6 AM and have to get up and put them on paper right away (oh yeah, and that’s the only time I can afford to draw something for myself ). So I got up and started looking for cool fashion / lifestyle bloggers to draw. Few minutes later I came across Rebecca Aiezza’s blog “Atypical Look“. At first glance, her blog looks like your common wordpress fashion-blog. But upon closer inspection, one realises Rebecca’s awesome sense of style. Rebecca’s style is very laid back but she always has just the right amount of accessories / colour / texture in her outfits. Although it’s a very overused word in the fashion industry, I would definitely call Rebecca’s style effortless. Rebecca’s a student in Melbourne, Australia who blogs “about fashion because no one wants to hear me talk on and on about it”. This is actually one of my favourite from Rebecca’s outfits: However I chose another outfit to draw for my post, because I just really REALLY liked the pose, and thought it would make for […]

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Blog Me, Draw Me!

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‘Blog Me, Draw Me!’ is a weekly post that features a sketch of an inspiring fashion / lifestyle blogger. (Read more about the purpose and inspiration for Blog Me, Draw Me! in my first post). Today’s blogger is the beautiful Daniela Goncear, ‘Danna’ from Mondedanna. Danna is a “Russian, english, french, italian, romanian speaking, 21 years old blogger living in Milan.” who uses her blog as a diary to share her thoughts, favourite looks, ideas and events. I like that Danna’s photos are always accompanied by her thoughts at the moment, as well as information and history about places in Milan, particular brands, so you never know where a picture of a photo session is taking you! Daniela’s shots are so dynamic that quick drawings suit them best. I therefore decided to give this week’s post, last week’s treatment, i.e. having three drawings rather than one. I wanted to capture Daniela’s energy through the chosen three poses, but although she’s a lover of colour, I love these drawings in just charcoal, without being touched by digital rendering.  

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Blog Me, Draw Me!

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‘Blog Me, Draw Me!’ is a weekly post that features a sketch of an inspiring fashion / lifestyle blogger. (Read more about the purpose and inspiration for Blog Me, Draw Me! in my first post). This week’s Blog Me, Draw Me! blogger is Audrey Rogers from Audrey started her blog when she was still a University student, and it has now become her full time employment; her own brand. Audrey is an American who “grew up all over Europe”. She is now living in beautiful Paris, the obvious choice for a fashion blogger! For Blog Me, Draw Me! I always email the chosen bloggers for permissions to use their images as reference for my sketches. Since Audrey’s pictures are taken by her photographer friend, I was in stock photo heaven. Audrey’s photos were fantastic to work with, and obviously not just because of the quality, but mainly because of her awesome style choices. Needless to say I was extremely happy that Audrey gave me permission to illustrate her photos. Because I had so many photos to choose from, I decided to do more than 1 sketch of Audrey. I grabbed three of my favourite looks and scribbled them down in charcoal. […]

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Blog Me, Draw Me! Maria Schwandt

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‘Blog Me, Draw Me!’ is a weekly post that features a sketch of an inspiring fashion / lifestyle blogger. (Read more about the purpose and inspiration for Blog Me, Draw Me! in my first post). Today’s blogger is German marketing student, Maria Schwandt at Maria loves fashion and photography and she states that her blog is a jungle of herself, and this is why it includes everything that she loves. Vanilla is her scent/flavour of choice, hence the name “Vanilla Jungle.” “Sweet like vanilla, wild like jungle.” I follow Maria on Facebook and on WordPress. I like her ‘no fuss’ outfits but that always look good, her choice of accessories and also her food snaps. Maria posts daily healthy breakfast pics on Facebook that always seem to motivate me to do the same Below is a sketch of one of my favourite outfits of Maria. I really like the laid back but very chic look, and she also kind of reminds me of Yoko Ono here! (In a good way of course, I think it’s the hat )

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Blog Me, Draw Me! Caroline Paris

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‘Blog Me, Draw Me!’ is a weekly post that features a sketch of an inspiring fashion / lifestyle blogger. (Read more about the purpose and inspiration for Blog Me, Draw Me! in my first post). Today’s sketch is actually my first of a local (Maltese) blogger, and it is the beautiful Caroline Paris from I follow Caroline’s blog daily, and what I love about her posts is that they bring an instant smile to your face, probably because of her own infectious smile! What I also admire about Caroline is that, besides being a freelance fashion & personal stylist, she is also a computer scientist! This is quite an unusual combination, but I give her extra personal recognition because I work in graphic design and media myself, and have a great appreciation for computer science. Caroline has won Best Fashion Stylish Award from the 2013 Malta Fashion Award, and you can see why. Her style is colourful, fun, quirky and she adds her own personal touch to every outfit.  Caroline’s Website Caroline’s Facebook Page



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