A unique goldsmith in Florence

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Today I am going back in time to a few years ago, when I was still an art student in Florence. In my first week there, I didn’t know anyone yet, and I had some extra time to spare before my course started. During this week, I spent most of my time walking through the narrow streets that surround the magnificent Duomo. I enjoyed discovering things by chance whilst wondering around these streets. At the time, I couldn’t believe that I was finally pursuing my childhood dream; I was living in the city of Art! Aside from the museums, churches and bridges, Florence is full of unique shops and markets. Most of these small gems sell beautiful goods which are still inspired by the well-known historical and cultural period that made Florence such an important city – The Renaissance. One of my favourites was a jewelry shop called ‘Fiori del tempo’ owned by a talented jeweler, Francesco Deidda. His creations are inspired by the Renaissance and the Art Deco periods but are also fused with more contemporary influences. The prices vary, depending on the material and stones. In general however,  the items are quite affordable. ‘Fiori del tempo’ is found in Via del […]


Stories from the Sea

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In my latest post “Chanel Vintage finds”, I wrote that I will be bringing across at Design Sorbet items that carry sentimental values, such as today’s historical item which carries an interesting family story. Having inherited this item from my grandmother, who was very close to me, it is undoubtedly a very important part of my family history. The item in question is a ring. I remember my grandma wearing 2 rings; one was her wedding band, and another ring given to her by her mother. The ring which until this very day carries sentimental value, is the ring given to my grandmother by Uncle John – a sailor who didn’t get to see the end of the War. During the Second World War, my grandma`s brother John, a 17 year old youngster brimming with youthful energy, left Malta to serve on the aircraft carrier, H.M.S Glorious. Apparently, he was not officially listed on the crew list since he was a minor, and no one knows how he managed to convince the captain to allow him on-board. On the 8th June 1940, in cold Norwegian waters, H.M.S glorious endured its last battle after it was sunk when engaged with German battleships. The […]


Chanel vintage finds

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Ever since moving from to each one of us authors has found an area in the art, design & diy world that is close to her heart. Whilst Moira is re-discovering fashion illustration through Blog Me, Draw Me! and Sarah is coming up with fresh prints, my area is that of memoirs. Items of sentimental value have always intrigued me not just through their function and decor, but also artistically. Therefore, my main task at Design Sorbet is currently to introduce an object that doesn’t simply interest me aesthetically, but that also carries a history or a story along with it, perhaps it being a beautiful vintage item or a more contemporary object that might have a playful/funny story behind it. These items can be inheritances, tools or objects which were produced by my family or the family of other authors, and other special artefacts that we bring from different places that we travel to. I sincerely hope that you will appreciate, enjoy and perhaps learn something from our colourful memoirs. From tweed jackets, brooches and silk scarves, Coco Chanel`s world has always been a fascination for most women and fashion enthusiasts in general, mostly due to the brand’s timeless design and also […]


The shoemaker – beautifully crafted shoes made by my late grandfather

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One of my fondest memories from my childhood is the time I used to spend with my grandpa in his workshop. I couldn’t wait to leave my mum`s house to escape her obsession of playing Barbara Streisand’s songs all day long, and go to my grandparents, especially during the holidays. Between the smell of my grandma`s baking and the scent of wood, glue, leather and clay, this was a perfect playground, compared to my mum`s boring routine. I used to spend hours  trying to make small furniture for my doll house with the help of my grandpa, and sculpting small statues with his clay casts. I learned so much from him and I am sure that my love for practical work and maybe also drawing evolved from these playful experiences. He used to let me paint his workshop door in all sorts of colours; can you imagine leaving a paint job to a seven year old, given their colourful taste? Sometimes pink, sometimes orange and maybe with some flowers and suns on it as decoration .  As long as I was enjoying myself and learning something he did not complain. I used to come up with something new every day; sometimes I wanted a bed […]



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