Sketching Away

July 25, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

Lately free time has become a luxury which unfortunately I cannot afford or have any access to. I’m not really complaining, as this is due to the huge amount of projects I have undertaken which is generally a good thing. Although this did lead to a decrease in printed works, I am still making a lot of sketches which will eventually be turned into multi coloured silk screen prints. This is how all my works start. In their initial stages they are just little doodles on my sketch book, and eventually I scan them and further work on them digitally. I will be explaining more about my working methods in upcoming posts.  


Printing Mood

May 27, 2013 / by / 1 Comment

This Sunday I felt like looking through some work which I had piling up on one of my desks. I found two silk screen prints which I particularly like. I once had in mind of making a whole series of different prints. I actually did the designs, however I never got around exposing them and printing them. Hopefully I will print them someday. The other print was not part of any series, but rather a collection of thoughts I had at that point in time.        

IMG_5257 copy

My Work at Milkshake; the Exhibition

March 22, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

Two weeks ago there was the opening of the long awaited exhibition, MILKSHAKE, in which several artists exhibited works that discussed topics such as the queer body, gender and sexuality. It is a very sensitive subject which is very easily one of the biggest taboos in Malta, partly due to the conservative catholic influence on the island. However, it was for this very reason that there was a need to have this publicly discussed. I am very glad to have taken part in this show, and for the first time I exhibited serigraphy (silk screen) prints. It is a set of 8 different prints, which all are tied to past experiences relating to my own sexuality. They are one of the most intimate body of work I have ever made, both because of content, and also because of the images. The development of this body of work was a long one, about ten months to be exact. However it was this process which led me to a much better understanding of the subject, thus enabling me to produce this work. It was important for me that the work would not reflect the subject from the outside in, but rather from […]

IMG_5112 copy

Layering ink, a Passion for Printing

February 03, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

Sometimes there are things which make us dream, make us wonder how far they would take us and the new possibilities they would open. I used to have this feeling about silk screen printing for many years, however after failing to find supplies and tutors in Malta I decided to let it go. That is until last May, when I decided to jump in and spend (the only money I had) on screen printing equipment. I have been long interested in the technique. I was always fascinated by the method of producing photographic prints, mainly as the process was always so clouded in mystery to me. This printing technique also allows the use of block colours, sharp lines, and layering. It was the exact aesthetic I am interested in, so this attraction towards the process was very natural. After contacting several art shops in Malta, I concluded that no one really imports silk screen material, at least not for commercial sales. I was left with the only option of ordering from abroad, facing extraordinary shipping costs. However it was all worth it, as it provided me with not just a new medium, but a new way to make my work, […]



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