Event Preparation – Making the Journals and the Candles

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In preparation for the Birgufest 2013 we wanted to prepare something special. We had already prepared lots of material, which is direct material from the blog. However we wanted something else, something which is not just a simple by-product from our blog aticles, but something which will help us commemorate this event.

After several brain storming sessions of what would be the ideal main product for the stand, we came up with the idea of journals. Not just your average journal you find at the stationer’s, but gorgeous hand illustrated, hand stitched journals loving made by us. Upon this decision, a courageous one in fact as it was the most time consuming of all the options, we started designing until we had an illustration each to put on a journal.

The process involved a lot of preparation which can easily be overlooked, such as selecting the papers for the inside and outside. We wanted to make sure that the papers are thick enough so they can hold even a drawing well, but not too thick in order to allow for stitching. After the printing was done, we were counting papers and stacking them in the order they are to be stitched and making guidelines for folding. Then there was the noisy part, when holes had to be done in order to be stitched. Given the hand made attitude we adopt for all our projects, these holes were done with a nail and hammer. For stitching we used white thread and a sewing needle. Needless to say this took a very long time and countless blisters on our hands, but the result made it all worth it.




Since the Birgufest is most renowned for the tradition of turning off all electricity and using only candle light, we obviously needed some candles. However we all felt that the candles shouldn’t be store bought especially since this is a creative blog promoting a hands-on attitude. Since I had quite some free time (at least more than Ruth and Moira), I volunteered to make them myself. I gathered as much used jars as I could from my mum’s and removed all their labels. I had a lot of candles which were not of any use and could be upcycled, thus I melted them and poured them in each of the jars, right after I inserted pieces of string to be used as a wick.

When they cooled down, I wrapped them in string as a decoration to make them look even better. I also decided to go a step further and print little Design Sorbet logos on sticker paper and stick them on the jars. And just like that, we had official Design Sorbet candles!

2013-10-06 13.19.40

2013-10-06 13.18.54

2013-10-06 13.18.37






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