Pumpkins, bats and witches!

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Every year, Halloween is becoming more and more popular here in Malta. Up to a few years ago I would never have imagined the children in my neighbourhood to dress up and trick ‘r treat, in fact I’ve been caught without any sweets (or should I say ‘candy’) quite a few times because I’m still not used to the idea.

For this Halloween I had a little party at my place. I was quite unlucky to fall sick the day before the party, which is the day I usually do all the cooking and baking, but thankfully I had chosen stress free recipes to work with, and in the evening of the party I was in high spirits, and feeling much better.  The menu included: savoury witches fingers ( served with dips, cheese & cold cut platters), pumpkin, caramelised onion and gorgonzola quiche, glazed ‘princess’ lemon biscuits, & bloody sangria! Scroll down for the recipes and more :)


Although not really a Halloween treat, I wanted to make these lemon bites because we will be selling them along with our illustrations at a Handmade fair in December, so obviously I wanted to test them on guests and see the reactions. I’m not a huge fan of the use of lemon in sweets, so in a way I was also trying to make something that would challenge my taste buds. I’m happy to say that I loved them, and so did everybody else.

I based my recipe on a “Princess Cookies” recipe that I found here and the glaze is made up of confectioner’s sugar (1 cup) and fresh lemon juice (add and stir until glaze is of a thick consistency).



I found many recipes for sweet witches’ fingers, but I wanted mine to be savoury, so they can be served with dips. I found a great recipe on, unfortunately it has been taken down, but I managed to get a screenshot from the site cache, here’s the recipe:


8 ounces plain flour

3 ounces unsalted butter

5 ounces of grated cheddar and parmesan cheese

pinch of cayenne pepper

1 egg

whole almonds for the finger nails.


1. Sift flour into food processor

2. Add all other ingredients, turn on the machine and mix in short bursts. Keep going until pastry forms a ball, do not overwork it or the pastry with become tough

3. Wrap and place dough in the fridge for an hour (I left it for a bit more)

4. Shape into fingers, add almonds (I added food colouring using a toothpick) and bake for 9 – 10 minutes

5. Leave to cool on wire rack.

These fingers have a great texture and the cheese and cayenne pepper in the mixture really give them a kick.


For the bloody sangria, I followed this recipe here but also added a bit of orange juice, emitted some of the fruits, and served it with gummy eye balls instead! Have to say it was very tasty and fun to drink.

cooked pumpkin

Finally, I made a pumpkin quiche with caramelised onions and gorgonzola, following this recipe here This was delicious, although also quite sweet, I think next time I would add more gorgonzola to it.

And below is my only picture of a semi-eaten quiche:




Decorations and more:

mexican mask lamp food decor decor2 dracula


Last, but not least, here’s a picture of the three of us. As you can see we’re not dressed as zombies and witches because our theme was ’70′s porn stars’ an extremely difficult theme to find a costume for, but nonetheless, fun times! Happy Halloween :)






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